Supply: 100000000


A collection of 2000 pixel art Rats NFTs stored on the Bitcoin blockchain

Magic Eden


A collection of 2000 pixel art Rats NFTs on the Pipe Protocol




$CHEESE is a token made on Tap protocol by development team. It was introduced as a meme token for the Rats communities.

  1. TOTAL SUPPLY: 100.000.000
  2. $CHEESE is limited to a capped total supply of 100 MILLION TOKENS. Additional tokens cannot be created or minted to ensure scarcity.
  3. 80% of the token is giving back to the community.
  4. 10% is held back for market stability and emergencies.
  5. 10% is distributed to mod and developer and used for promo

What is TAP protocol?

TAP is a versatile OrdFi protocol, and it's not just limited to the TAP token standard.

  1. With TAP, there's no need for complex L2 chains or intricate mechanisms. Instead, it employs a straightforward "tapping" mechanism to confirm transactions.
  2. TAP's mission is to build upon the success of BRC-20 while staying independent from centralized entities. It also allows for continuous additions of new features through community-driven governance. .
  3. Please note that BRC-20 ticker lengths 1, 2, and 4 are reserved for future interordinal bridges between BRC-20 and TAP Tokens and cannot be used within the TAP protocol.